Sometimes we need a little something something to get our butts into gear. Sometimes we want a lunchtime where you can let out the frustrations, bring in some joy, or just plain ol’ work it on out.

Maybe you have to bounce out a little early and don’t feel like spending money on a class that you won’t be able to stay completely for. Maybe you’re still new to the whole indoor-cycling thing. Hell… maybe you just wanna save a buck or two and not pay for a class here and there.

Well friendship, we are offering you all the Body Rocker Special. This isn’t with no newbie instructor either, Chris, our rockstar lunchtime hour sweat-inducer, will take you through all of the motions. You’ll enjoy a fun ride, great music and all while working with a super knowledgeable instructor.

What do you have to do? Just drop-in, or sign-up online for the free ride. Every Monday at 12:30pm.

Seriously people? This is awesome. It’s like a birthday present EVERY Monday.

PS- Even though, it’s a free ride, if you’re racking in the Perkville points, you’ll still get credit for these rides. So swing by, bring a friend and lets have a little fun.

Let’s face it, Monday’s could use a little more excitement.

Sweaty Love,

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