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Instructor Shoshana Katz is no stranger to getting her riders to fight for their ride. “This is my third class of the day, DON’T LET ME WORK HARDER THAN YOU!

Sho, as she is affectionately known, encourages her beloved riders not to give up. “Don’t give up on you!”

When Shoshana has a hard time getting through a workout, she takes a deep breath, tells herself that she wants this challenge, and that she can do it. “There’s no point in giving up. Nothing great was ever accomplished by giving up.”

Shoshana wants new riders to Body Cycle to know that, yes, indoor cycling is challenging, but you make your ride what you want and need.
“It’s our job to coach you through the class, but you are the one who is in control of your ride. We want you to have the best experience possible, because, believe it or not, indoor cycling is a lot of fun.” – Seriously though… It really is!

Her “go to” move in class is climbing solid hills with strong sprints.

Come ready to work hard for one of Shoshana’s rides. She doesn’t play around, and kicks your butt with a smile. But don’t let her drive scare you off, her energy and enthusiasm are all for you and your ride. “I am always advocating for you. If you ever need anything, I am right there.”

Shoshana loves seeing her riders sweaty and strong after their rides. “Their energy level is up, they feel like they went through an entire body cleanse. It’s truly invigorating.”

Shoshana plays a mix of Pop, Hip- Hop, House, Dance and anything that gets her riders going! Prepare to rock!


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